Made in the USA

Reason no. 45 why we love where we work: we consistently stock a wide variety of items born and raised in the USA.  (Cue Bruce Springsteen here.)

More Americans are paying attention to where their clothes and accessories come from; we at The Wardrobe are no different.  It seems particularly important now as production jobs leave our country in record numbers and stories of foreign factory horrors appear on the evening news.  Besides, it's rather silly to buy lower-quality garments from across the Pacific when there's so many lovingly made products being produced on our soils!  Between that and workers earning fair wages in a safe environment, and capital flowing back into our economy, how can you go wrong?

Here's a few lines we carry that are proudly manufactured here in the good ole USA:

Clara Sun Woo

Trina Turk

Estelle and Finn

David Cline


Hard Tail

Barr Co. Soap Shop

Michael Stars (some items)

Eileen Fisher (some items)

Patagonia (some items)